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American Teachers Association of Martial Arts

The American Teachers Association of Martial Arts was founded in 1981, in San Francisco, CA.  It was to be the expansion of a martial arts credentialing agency founded by Raymond "Duke" Moore in 1960.  Over time, practitioners of the martial arts often find themselves without an instructor due to their instructor's retirement or death. In such cases, many martial arts teachers find themselves promoting students but have no way of contuing their own progression through the martial arts ranks.  Recent rank promotions and/or recognitions of American martial arts teachers include Hanshi Dwight Holley of Cincinnati, Ohio and Hanshi Sid Rayford of Merced, California.  Some of ATAMA's earliest ranked instructors include, SGm Tyron Crimi, Master Rick Alemany, Master Leroy Rodriguez, and several more.  On September 3rd, 2016 Hanshi Sid Rayford traveled to Penn Valley California to meet with the current ATAMA board members.  The ATAMA Board voted Hanshi Sid Rayford as the new ATAMA CEO and President and has given him the opportunity to build the organization back up to providing the service of credentialing and other membership benefits for America's martial arts teachers.  Hanshi Sid Rayford's wife, Amy Rayford was voted in as the new ATAMA Secretary/Treasurer.

Hanshi Sid Rayford and Senior Grandmaster Crimi

The transfer of the presidency is transferred from SGm Crimi to Hanshi Sid Rayford.

The ATAMA Board Meeting

The official meeting wherein the board voted for Sid Rayford to take the leadership of ATAMA.

Great Grandmaster Alexander Archie

SGm Crimi presents Alexander Archie with the Great Grandmaster title from ATAMA prior to turning the association over to Sid Rayford

With The Formalities Concluded...

SGm Crimi made mention of an Oreo Cookie, which started some chuckling in the room.

New Business

A brief question and answer period with the new ATAMA President.

First task as new President

New ATAMA President, Hanshi Sid Rayford signs the Great Grandmaster title certificate of Alexander Archie, senior ATAMA board member and former ATAMA President.