The Early Days of Sid Campbell

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1969 Photos of Sid Campbell and Early Students

These photos were taken by Dave Sudmeier, one of the earliest students of Sid Campbell in 1969.  After learning of Hanshi Campbell's passing away, Dave was kind enough to e-mail these photos to Kyoshi Sid Rayford and gave permission to post them on this web site.  THANK YOU DAVE! 

The Photo Below is a rare photo of brothers Eddie and Sid Campbell side by side.

Sergio Huelga and Sid Campbell

23 year old Sid Campbell sparring with student Sergio Huelga.

Early Group of Students

Early group of Sid Campbell students with his brother, Eddie, kneeling 2nd from left.

Sid Campbell and Sergio Huelga

Sid Campbell and Sergio Huelga pose with cat stances.

Sid Campbell

Sid Campbell with a pair of nunchakus that had obviously been used for a while and frequently.

Sid Campbell and Sergio Huelga

Sid Campbell posed with side kick.

Young Sid Campbell

Sid Campbell posed with sais, a set of tools that he was later well known to have mastery of.

Thank You Dave Sudmeier!