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Dojo Photos

The Rayford garage was the perfect place to start karate lessons in the Merced area.  But this didn't last very long as the interest in Shorin-Ryu began to grow at a pace that was originally difficult to keep up with.  These photos are from the Rayford garage and the first two dojos opened by Sid Rayford on Main Street in Merced.

A Few Of the Original Merced Students In the Rayford Garage.

Immediate growth paved the way for an actual dojo!

One Of the First Classes In Our First Dojo In Merced.

Our small dojo was quickly filled up.

Hard Work In A Small Space.

Sensei Rayford pushing Darryl Davis towards excellence.

Early Tournament Victories

Sensei Rayford's early students enjoyed success at tournaments right away.

Association Support

Hanshi Campbell and Hanshi Tosh supported the Merced dojo with seminars.  This seminar was held in 2000.

A New Dojo With More Space!

Group photo of some of the Black Belts in our second dojo on Main Street in Merced.

Bunkai At Its Best

Sensei Alfredo Guerra demonstrating practical application of kata techniques.

Sensei Kim's Award Winning Chinto Kata

Sensei Kim Henderson performing her favorite kata, Chinto, the kata that Sensei Guerra's bunkai (above) is from.


Sensei Todd Wayman performing Tokumine No Kon Kata.

A Very Young Jacob Rayford

Jacob Rayford proved his worth in the ring at an early age, usually competing in a higher division than his own due to his size and speed.  His collection of awards from competition are too many to display.

A Young King of the Ring

As a Jr. Black Belt, Jacob Rayford already possessed a "Joe Lewis" side kick, often making it difficult for his competitors even stay on their feet or in the ring with him.

Mr. Intensity!

Sensei Demeterious Peterson always works his katas very hard.  The fighting aspects of Shorin-Ryu are clearly seen his katas.

New Building But Same Old Hard Work!

Black Belt exam held in December of 2001.

More Rayford Shorin-Ryu Dojo Pictures On the Way

Rayford Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo  100 W. Main St. Merced, Ca. 95340 209-685-6955