Giving Back

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Giving Back to the Hombu Dojo

Several practitioners have trained under Hanshi Sid Campbell and attained high ranks, opened their own schools, but gained recognition elsewhere and have not returned to give anything back to the Hombu Dojo. Giving back to the Hombu Dojo is a great way and grand opportunity to say "thanks" for the years of knowledge and teaching that many of us have received and continue to benefit from. On Saturday, 7/26/2008, Kyoshi Rayford, Sensei Richard Cantu, and Sensei Amy Lynn traveled from Merced to the Hombu Dojo in Oakland to give something back to Hanshi Sid Campbell and his current Hombu Dojo students.

Kyoshi Sid leading a group of kyu level students in the Hombu.

Sensei Amy and Kyoshi Sid demonstrating partnered bunkai with students following along.

The Next Generation

Very young Hombu Dojo students learning the innerworkings of their art through application of techniques.

Hands On Teaching

Kyoshi Sid delivering the "hands on" teaching that his teacher, Hanshi Sid Campbell, gave to him.

The Elbow Strike

Sensei Amy assisting Kyoshi Sid in explaining how to deal with the up close and quite personal elbow.

Hukutsuru Kata

Sensei Amy working Hakutsuru Kata from the back row so that when students turn they can still follow along.

A Cherished Kata

Hombu Dojo seniors enjoying a "brush up" on Hakutsuru, a kata that WOSKKA has adopted and come to love.

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